1. hi nafaria! i would like to give u a credit on my vid and thanks for these amazing free graphics! also, can u have a sloth graphic, i rlly need one, thanks btw!:)

    1. You're welcome! Once I get my hands back on my editing program I will surely make a sloth graphic for you, if one hasn't already been made. ;) If you need any animal graphics check the animal page!

  2. Oh my word, this is INCREDIBLE! I never thought I could find so much inspiration for my drawings! You blog is quickly becoming indispensable! XD

    And may I just point out that one of these shows a new land next to Crystal Sands? It seems like a volcano/Hawaii - inspired land was planned a long time ago, and then scrapped for some reason.

    It would be wonderful if HQ would go through with it, especially because of all the caves shown there. A cave land in AJ would be uncharted territory, and a wonderful environment for them to showcase!